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How You Can Build Workflows That Work For Your Practice

Meet "Ernie the Attorney," who has been effectively advising law firms on creating systems for years. 

The most efficient law firms make the most money. So, it’s essential, in a modern law firm environment, to create and manage workflows. 

It used to be that law firms were inefficient, and couldn’t figure out why – now, law firms understand that they need to employ process management; it’s just a matter of understanding how to build and maintain those processes.

That’s why, for this episode of the Non-Eventcast, we brought on Ernie Svenson, better known as “Ernie the Attorney,” who has been effectively advising law firms on creating systems for years. 

We kicked things off by talking about how law firms can employ processes (3:01). Next, we discussed how the use of a “case map” can be helpful in implementing systems (9:24).

We also addressed how effective and necessary establishing a paperless system is, as a foundational element, before building additional law firm workflows (16:03). Finally, we talked over how to codify processes, including the use of instructional videos (22:05). 

Listen to the podcast below. And if you’d like to consider an upgrade to your practice management tech stack, feel free to download our free Practice Management Buyer’s Guide in this form as well.

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Jared Correia, a consultant and legal technology expert, is the host of the Non-Eventcast, the featured podcast of the Above the Law Non-Event for Tech-Perplexed Lawyers.