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A Tech Adoption Guide for Lawyers

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Law Practice Management Software Guide

Legal practice management software is the backbone of any law firm. Whether you’re adopting new technology or considering a change to your long-held platform, the latest features can revolutionize your practice. The reviews in this buyer’s guide provide a glimpse of just how easy it can be — and how your firm can instantly become more efficient and profitable.

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Reviewed Products & Services


CARET Legal, previously known as Zola Suite, provides firms with the most comprehensive, cloud-based practice management solution that eliminates data silos and helps your firm maximize efficiency and increase profitability. With best-in-class matter management tools and robust billing, accounting and reporting, CARET Legal’s end-to-end platform connects your front and back offices, delivering a single source of truth for your firm.

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Clio eases the day-to-day of over 150,000 legal professionals spanning 90 countries with intuitive time tracking, billing, matter management, mobile apps, and more to streamline every task from client intake to invoice.

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Full practice management solution with built-in legal accounting. No QuickBooks required.

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Filevine is the leading cloud-based collaborative work solution for law firms. Powering everything from case management and document management to client communication and business analytics, Filevine’s custom and bespoke tools simplify and elevate practice management and growth.

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Lawmatics is the #1 automation platform for law firms, offering Legal client intakeCRM, marketing automation, billing, and much more, all in one easy-to-use software. With Lawmatics, law firms streamline their operations, impress clients, and win more business. To learn more, visit www.lawmatics.com.

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MyCase is a complete law practice management solution that helps firms run efficiently from anywhere, provide an exceptional client experience, and easily track firm performance so that they can reach their business goals.

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Law practice management software made easy

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Rocket Matter

Legal Practice Management Software Built for Today’s Busy Firms

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SmartAdvocate is a fully integrated legal case management system made to handle the challenges of today’s fast paced, highly competitive, and technologically demanding world. Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate is now used by a wide range of practices.

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Next Generation, Cloud-Based Law Practice Software That Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

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Additional Products & Services

  • ABOGest
  • Abrar
  • ActionStep Inc.
  • Aderant
  • AdvantageLaw
  • AdvoLogix
  • Afinety
  • AgileCase
  • Amberlo
  • Anaqua
  • Anva
  • App4Legal
  • AppColl
  • ArkCase
  • BEC Legal Systems
  • Bill4Time
  • BlueStylus
  • Case Law Analytics
  • Case Master, Inc.
  • Case Tempo
  • Case UI
  • Case.one
  • Caseflow Pty
  • CaseFox
  • CaseManager
  • CasePacer
  • CasetrackerLaw
  • CaseWizard
  • Centerbase
  • Cerenade / eIMMIGRATION
  • ClinicCases
  • CoCounselor
  • Codengines
  • Composure.law
  • Connectivecounsel
  • CORE by BQE Software, Inc.
  • CourtAlert
  • Coyote Analytics
  • Crocodile Solutions
  • Curo365
  • Dibcase
  • DoeLegal
  • DPS Software Ltd
  • Enfinite Solutions
  • Enfoglobe
  • FactBox
  • FactSet
  • FilePro Pty
  • Foxit Software
  • Fulcrum-Gt
  • GoodCase Apps
  • GrowPath Inc
  • Happyatlaw
  • Harmony Legal
  • HiPerSoft
  • Hoowla
  • ImmiCompliance
  • Infotems
  • Infotrack
  • Insight Legal Software Ltd
  • IntakeMatters
  • IntellipadCRM
  • InterActive Legal
  • Ipzen
  • Jarvis Legal
  • Joinderapp
  • Journaltech
  • Julie Desk
  • Kissflow
  • Knovos
  • ktechis.com
  • Law Ruler
  • LawAlign
  • LawBase
  • Lawconnect
  • Lawcus
  • LawGro Inc
  • LawLogix Group Inc
  • Lawsyst
  • LawTime
  • LawVu
  • Legal Interact
  • Legal Suite
  • Legal Track Software
  • Legal Workflow
  • Legalboards
  • LegalConnect
  • Legaleasy
  • LegalFiles
  • LegalPRO Systems, Inc.
  • LegalTrek
  • LegalXGen
  • Legodesk
  • LEX247
  • Lexbe
  • Lexicon
  • Linetime Ltd
  • Liquid Litigation Management
  • Litagility, inc.
  • Lolly Law
  • Lucid IQ
  • Lucidea
  • Manage My Lawsuits
  • Matrix Pointe Software
  • MerusCase
  • Milyli
  • MinuteBox
  • monesq.com
  • Moxo
  • Network Ninja
  • NextChapter (by Fastcase)
  • Niftypm
  • nubbius
  • NuLaw – Selas Technologies
  • Of Counsel I.T.
  • Onyx
  • Orbcomm
  • Orion Law Management
  • Osprey Approach
  • Outlawpractice
  • OutSystems
  • PCLaw| Time Matters
  • Peppermint Technology
  • Perfect Practice
  • PerfectLaw Software
  • Pipefile
  • PlanStreet
  • Practice Aligned
  • Practice Evolve
  • Practice Ignition Pty
  • PracticeLeague
  • Prevail
  • PrivyCounsel
  • prohelplegal.com
  • Prosperware
  • ProTempus
  • ProVantage Software
  • QbitEdge
  • Quick Base
  • Rally
  • REDI Analysis
  • Redview
  • RnR DataLex
  • Salladore
  • Scribe On Demand
  • Shape Software LLC
  • Sheriasoft
  • SimpleLegal
  • SimplyAgree
  • Smokeball
  • SOS Legal
  • Surepoint
  • Symphony Talent
  • Synergy International Systems Inc
  • Tabs3 Software
  • The Legal Assistant, LLC
  • Thread Legal
  • Timeslice
  • TopDogLegal.com
  • Trial Guides
  • TrialWorks
  • Trustpoint
  • Uptime Legal
  • VakilDesk
  • VrtuLaw
  • Wingman Legal Tech
  • Wiseowllegal
  • WizeHire
  • Yaris
  • Zelican

ATL Non-Eventcast:


  • Their best New Year’s Resolutions failures – 2:34
  • How lawyers can use law practice management software and recession-proofing a law practice. – 6:40
  • Improvements in case management software for a better client experience. – 11:58
  • Benefits of utilizing case management software for law firms. – 15:53
  • The future of law management software. – 14:42
  • Adding automations in the case management software – 21:11
  • Impact of mergers and acquisitions in the technology space. – 24:29
  • Their favorite case management report and why. – 30:18
  • Essential integrations for case management software. – 32:19

Jared is joined by Joshua Lenon of Clio, Dr. Cain Elliot of Filevine, Matt Spiegel of Lawmatics, Tomas Suros of AbacusNext, and Karrtik Rao of Moxtra.


    • The guests for today’s show: Who are they? – 1:15
    • Sharing their New Year’s Resolutions:
    • Should you do it or are they cliche? – 2:52
    • The most compelling feature-based argument for a law firm to adopt a case management software or move to a different one. – 8:09
    • The stats or KPIs that law firms should look for now. – 15:27
    • How does law practice management software effectively connect lawyers and staff to the law firm data that they can utilize? – 19:38
    • Why is having their own payment tools advantageous for lawyers and law firms? – 21:56
    • Can a law practice management system do a better job of integrating lead management and how? – 27:31
    • Law practice management software supporting the client interaction workflows. – 30:46

Jared speaks with a fabulous foursome of guests: Josh Hostilo of Filevine, Marie Burgess, VP of Product at Practice Panther, Matt Spiegel, Founder and CEO at Lawmatics, and Igor Selizhuk of Smart Advocate. They discuss practice management.


    • Who are today’s guests? – 1:15
    • Take Your Pick: Who will die in Stranger Things or what kind of minion would you be? – 2:41
    • What is happening in the world of legal tech? – 5:51
    • What a lawyer should do during an acquisition? – 7:10
    • What does acquisition mean for attorneys? – 8:38
    • What are companies doing to make migration from software to software easier for lawyers? What should attorneys be expecting during the process? – 12:06
    • The strategies for lawyers in uncertain times. – 20:09
    • Integration of case management software and other software: Are there specific integrations needed? – 28:16
    • Integration versus data privacy and security. – 33:38
    • The biggest misconception lawyers have about law practice management. – 38:45

Law Practice Management Software FAQs

What does law practice management software do?

From finding new clients to accounting for payments received, the best law practice management software forms the backbone of a law firm’s business operations, bringing together varied tasks into one centralized system.

What are the best practice management systems?

The best case management systems — like the ones listed in our buyers guide — create a relational database that aggregates all kinds of information to specific matters and clients. This includes everything from intake to invoicing. Doing so allows for a holistic overview of your practice and breaks down silos between different types of information, allowing for greater efficiency, easier communication, and increased data security.

What are the top legal practice management software functions?

Lawyers live in emails and love to draft documents, and at its core this software provides one centralized trove of information. Key functions include filing systems, calendaring, real-time collaboration among lawyers and clients, deadline tracking, secure messaging, signature tools, and billing systems.

How do you set up new case management software?

There are two components: onboarding the new software, and getting the data into the new system. Migrating data like contacts and calendars is self-explanatory, but migrating more complex data should be done by a vendor with experience setting up these types of systems. The best software companies will provide on-demand training resources as well as support specialists who help to set it up and remain available to maximize its benefits upon implementation.

Legal tech
Law Practice Management Software
By Jared Correia

There’s a term for when attorneys use Latin and other arcane languages to describe legal processes to consumers: “legalese.”  

But there’s no similar term for when vendors use technical and other arcane languages to describe their legal software operations to lawyers.

True, this dynamic may seem unfair. But now we have The Legal Tech-to-English Dictionary to help us cope. 

Read on for a crash course in practice management terms. 

Law Practice Management Software

1. A database for managing law firm clients that organizes primary case information under matter files.

2. A platform for systematizing client data collected from integrated systems via software integrations.

3. Client files organized by email subfolders … in 2002.

Lawyer 1: I just bought a new law practice management software, and I’m spending so much less time looking for everything because it’s all in one place now!

Lawyer 2: Yeah, you should see this Excel file I put together. It’s badass.

Lawyer 1: Just … stop.

Cf. Organization porn

Relational Database

1. A  software that recognizes relationships between segments of data.

2. A system based on the relational model of data, created by Edgar F. Codd.

Cf. Law practice management software

Cf. The Oracle of (Kevin) Bacon.

Client Portal

1. A software system feature that allows law firms to share certain data with clients via an in-system, encrypted holding container, which clients can access using a unique password or PIN (personal identification number).

2. The means by which unwieldy assignments can seamlessly enter your workflow. 

Lawyer 1: The good news is that my clients can send me stuff via our portal. That’s also the bad news.

Lawyer 2: Ba-dum-cha.

Lawyer 1: Thanks. I’m here till Thursday. Try the veal.

Cf. Online document drives, most of which are de facto customer portals, also allow users to share information with others in a secure format. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, et al. offer such features. These can also be connected to law practice management software via integrations.

Cf. Like how in action movies, there’s always a portal with all these aliens coming in to invade the planet. Honestly, I don’t know which portal is worse: that one, or the one that drops a 90-page contract in your lap for review.


1. Connecting two softwares via an API (application programming interface) that allows each software system to share data with the other.

2. Connecting two softwares via an intermediary program (like Zapier) so that the two programs can share data without the need of an API.

3. A primary reason modern practice management software can be life-changing, particularly for those currently using a combination of dictation machines, hard-copy markups, and the Logo turtle.  

Cf. Linking a law practice management software to a productivity software (email, calendar) allows users to sync emails, events and tasks with client files within the law practice management software, cementing that program as a holistic solution for law firm data management. Linking an accounting program to a law practice management software allows users to push expense and invoice data into the accounting program.

Business Intelligence

1. A method for collecting and aggregating data into a digestible format that allows software users to make data-driven business decisions.

2. Reports generated from software systems focused on specific business metrics, including key performance indicators.

3. You know, pretty much everything your law school neglected to tell you about. But, hey: You still know what the Rule Against Perpetuities is!

Lawyer 1: How’s your P&L statement looking for the last quarter?

Lawyer 2: Uh. Um. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Lawyer 1: Say what?

Cf. NOT the Edsel.

Jared Correia is the host of the Non-Eventcast. 

Jared Correia is the host of the Non-Eventcast.

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