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A Tech Adoption Guide for Lawyers

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Law Firm KPIs

There are numbers that can tell you how your law firm is doing.

And, unlike your most eager associates, they won’t ever sugarcoat the truth.

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to surface these critical business metrics, known as law firm KPIs. (That’s “key performance indicators” for our luddite friends.)

The best software for tracking KPIs can be implemented seamlessly, updated automatically, and harnessed to bolster your long-term bottom line.

From revenue generation to client satisfaction to employee performance to client retention, these metrics are a necessity for law firm leaders looking to make sound business decisions.

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Filevine is the leading cloud-based collaborative work solution for law firms. Powering everything from case management and document management to client communication and business analytics, Filevine’s custom and bespoke tools simplify and elevate practice management and growth.

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ATL Non-Eventcast:

In this edition of the Non-Eventcast, host Jared Correia welcomes Gabriela Cubeiro of CasePeer and Evan Armstrong of Filevine to address the impact of KPIs (key performance indicators) on modern law practice.


    • Data analytics for law firms – 5:27
    • Focusing on clients – 8:24
    • Software providers – 11:26
    • The analytic side of software – 12:17
    • Reports to generate data – 16:53
    • KPI, what is that? – 22:10
    • Building a better and stronger team – 24:09
    • Future for law firms – 25:05
    • The best KPI process – 26:02

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