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A Tech Adoption Guide for Lawyers

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Cybersecurity for Law Firms

As regular Non-Event visitors are aware, the coming year will again promise new, cutting-edge technology for your firm.

This can help you connect with and manage clients and billing, organize your data and documents, and put your whole operation into the cloud.

But with these new opportunities — and the integration of permanent remote work — come more points of vulnerability.

Thus, governments and other regulatory bodies are proposing legislation attempting to guide law firms to protect their valuable digital assets.

Bar associations and other powers-that-be are struggling to assist during the limbo period as the law plays its eternal game of catch-up with technology.

In this special report on the state of law firm cybersecurity, renowned cybersecurity analyst and professor Leeza Garber details the newest challenges firms will face in 2022. And later, the top companies in tech show how you can keep your firm safe amid these ever-changing threats.

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iManage transforms how professionals in legal, accounting and financial services get work done by combining artificial intelligence, security and risk mitigation with market-leading document and email management. iManage automates routine cognitive tasks, provides powerful insights and streamlines how professionals work, while maintaining the highest level of security and governance over critical client and corporate data.

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ATL Non-Eventcast:

Everywhere you look, there’s a significant data breach, or a large ransomware attack in the news.

It’d be good if you could keep your law firm’s name out of those headlines, for sure. But, for large and small firms alike, cybersecurity remains a thorny area to untangle, even as threats get more and more sophisticated.

In this edition of the Non-Eventcast, we dive into the latest in cybersecurity with Tom Lambotte, from BobaGuard, to help you keep your clients’ data safe and secure.

We discuss the need for cybersecurity training (10:23), since breaches are often engendered by careless employee conduct.

Tom also covers the main reason why law firms are so exposed (23:02), and also offers some truly horrifying examples of business email compromise (25:31).


    • Cybersecurity is in the news every day – 1:41
    • What magnifies complexity – 10:23
    • You need cybersecurity training – 10:58
    • How you can protect yourself – 16:45
    • Understanding the threat – 18:01
    • Why people are unprotected – 19:21
    • Biggest reasons why so many firms are unprotected – 23:02
    • Business email compromise – 25:31

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