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A Tech Adoption Guide for Lawyers

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Legal Operations: Spend Management Software

Want to show your company just how effective your department’s operations are? The best matter and spend management tech can streamline the reporting, auditing, record-keeping, and contract management functions — and even transform the dreaded bill-review process. Download our free buyer’s guide for what the latest software can do and how easy it is to implement.

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Reviewed Products & Services


BigHand gives organizations the tools and data to target key productivity enhancements that create value for your business, your people and your clients.

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Brightflag allows corporate legal teams to achieve visibility into their operations, streamline internal workflows, review legal bills quickly, manage matters and legal spend more effectively and engage with outside counsel more efficiently.

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Moxtra powers your OneStop Customer Portal – your digital branch, with continuous collaboration experiences, helping you retain and grow customers, manage your distributed organization, and lower your costs for doing business. Moxtra’s Customer Collaboration Platform can power your branded OneStop Customer Portal as a fluid extension of your existing website, web or mobile app, or as a standalone web and mobile app.

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Onit, Inc.

Onit is a global leader of workflow and artificial intelligence platforms and solutions for legal, compliance, sales, IT, HR and finance departments. With Onit, companies can transform best practices into smarter workflows, better processes and operational efficiencies.

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ATL Non-Eventcast:

Jared sits down with Chris Bennett from Bodhala and Rebecca Kocsis from Conga.


  • Who are the guests for today? – 1:27
  • Cranberry sauce: Yay or nay? – 2:22
  • The benefits of using matter and legal spend management software. – 6:48
  • How to implement the tool. – 12:20
  • Managing change management. – 14:25
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for people affiliated with the software to maximize the tools they’re using. – 16:53
  • Using alternative legal service procedures and managed service providers. – 28:23

Jared talks with Rob Stote of BigHand.


  • What is Rob’s favorite fall flavoring agent? – 2:09
  • The differences between manner management versus law practice management. – 3:05
  • How can you surface digestible data for lawyers? – 5:34
  • It’s all about revenue: How to build tighter funnels for revenue and identify potential leakage or breakage? – 8:48
  • The new non-lawyers or business professionals that most firms are bringing in. – 14:52
  • What are the major shifts in firms? – 19:18
  • The obligations law firms and legal departments have to match the sophistication of their own operations. – 25:32

Jared speaks with Jodie Baker of Xakia Technologies about how legal matter management software can help in-house teams.


  • Is Australian children’s television as amazing as it seems to those living in Australia? – 3:36
  • What democratization of legal technology means to Jodie and why is it valuable in the legal tech space? – 5:20
  • Is it cheaper to go with a cloud tool than a legacy? – 7:31
  • Can you combine legal matters and spending management?
  • How will it affect the software that the legal team will use? – 9:25
  • How integrating two separate categories into one software can affect the marketplace. – 11:10
  • The different kinds of business intelligence software should take a look at. – 12:11
  • How a change in mindset has affected the software. – 14:27
  • What you should look for, in terms of legal matter management, in an in-house team? – 16:50
  • The kind of efforts Jodie Baker’s team has embarked on. – 19:00
  • Advice to women who are interested in starting in technology. – 22:33

Jared talked to Matt DenOuden of Onit and Sam Kidd of LawVu on how to leverage matter and legal spend management software for in-house legal teams.


  • What is the latest in the legal space? – 1:00
  • Value of leveraging software for managing matters – 4:40
  • Value Proposition Software on matter management of in-house legal teams – 6:15
  • How can software manage and control legal spending? – 7:42
  • Benchmarking legal insights – 10:45
  • How can we show value to the business? – 12:45
  • The help of software inside the legal department in making their case – 15:30
  • Pressures on legal teams – 17:23
  • Sam’s favorite software feature – 19:53
  • Matt’s favorite software feature – 21:25
  • Future trends in legal space – 24:07

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