LawPay Pro Offers Upgraded Time And Billing Essentials

AffiniPay’s latest product for the legal community, introduced earlier this year, presents a simple web-based solution for attorneys seeking seamless firm cash flow.

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Tressa Schultze, Director of Product Management at AffiniPay

The legal tech space is flooded with software that is packed with bells and whistles, but what options are available to solo and small law practices who just need a simple tool for tracking time and invoicing clients?

Enter LawPay Pro, a streamlined time and billing platform from the team that brought us LawPay Classic, the billing software that has already gained recognition for LawPay’s parent, AffiniPay, in the legal tech space.

LawPay Pro is a sleek, effective upgrade to LawPay Classic released in early 2023 and designed for solo and small law firms who don’t need the extra baggage — and the extra price — that comes with some of today’s overpowered time and billing solutions.

A Lightweight Program With a Punch

“One of the things we’ve learned is that there are lots of solo and small firms out there who are tracking time on paper or invoicing using things like Word and Excel,” says Tressa Schultze, Director of Product Management at AffiniPay. 

Schultze adds that, on the other hand, many attorneys find themselves using time and billing software that is “overcomplicated for what they need at a price they’re not looking to pay.”

“We see LawPay Pro as a simple, cloud-based, and low-cost billing solution that makes time tracking, invoicing, and getting paid quickly and easily — without all the complexities that come with software that offers more than what [attorneys] are looking for,” she says. 

At $19 per month, per user (when paid annually), LawPay Pro certainly makes good on its promise of a solid time and billing tool at a reasonable price. 

And, as a tool designed for the legal industry with guidance from attorney feedback, LawPay Pro offers essential features and excellent security, as well as compliance with the legal and ethical standards expected of today’s attorneys. 

The software is also extremely easy to implement — users need only visit to set up their account.

“We knew we wanted LawPay Pro to be really simple to get started and really easy to use,” says Schultze. “When you log in, you know exactly what you need to do in order to get paid more quickly.” 

Streamlined, Effective Time and Billing

Upon logging in to LawPay Pro, users are immediately presented with their dashboard: a customizable display that allows users to, depending on their level of access, monitor at a glance their own billing or even the greater financial health of the firm.

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The key features of LawPay Pro are simple, focused, and well-executed. At its core, the program allows users to quickly generate customized invoices and monitor the unpaid, overdue, partially paid, and fully paid status of those invoices once they’ve been sent out.

Clients can securely pay invoices by card, bank account link, and even directly through a trust.

Finally, LawPay offers a goal-oriented time tracking feature designed to help attorneys capture all their billable time, keep up with the firm’s financial goals, and effectively clarify to clients what activities attorneys are charging them for.

“Every law firm needs to get paid, and getting paid requires tracking time and sending an invoice that allows the client to understand what they’re actually paying for,” Schultze says. “LawPay Pro is really just a tool that is going to empower law firms to do exactly that.”

Create Invoice Page

The time-tracking feature is one among several functions that set LawPay Pro apart from LawPay Classic. It also holds some potential for basic firm management, as administrator-level users can use the data gathered through the time-tracking feature to help manage performance and give feedback.

Unique Trust-Specific Features

LawPay Pro excels particularly in billing from trust accounts and even allows attorneys to record invoice payments using a client’s trust account balance in a manner that remains compliant with relevant regulations and makes account reconciliation a breeze.

This feature is especially essential for attorneys who work with clients who use IOLTA accounts to manage client funds.

“LawPay Pro was built off of LawPay Classic, and both products help attorneys stay in compliance with trust accounting by protecting the IOLTA account from third-party debiting,” Schultze explains. “LawPay Pro goes above and beyond by allowing the attorney to reconcile trust payments to a client and a case, and to provide a snapshot of the debits and credits for that client’s trust account.”

“That helps make it easier to reconcile those trust accounts, which we know can be a big pain point for attorneys and their accountants.”

Trust History

Data To Get You Paid Faster

While the program is built primarily to handle the practicalities of maintaining the revenue flow of a law firm while minimizing manual interventions, LawPay Pro also offers a series of helpful reports intended to help attorneys “monitor the financial health of the firm and staff billing productivity,” Schultze says. 

“One of my favorite reports is the invoicing dashboard,” she adds. “It’s the first page that a user lands on when they log in every day, and it gives them a complete snapshot of the status of all their invoices and receivables that they’ve requested from clients.” 

“For example, if you see that a client hasn’t submitted a payment and the invoice is overdue, you can send them a reminder.”

Additional report types provide information about past transactions, aging invoices, and trust accounts, as well as about individual users’ time and expenses. Reports can be filtered by date range, client, matter, and payment type. 

The goal here is to ensure that attorneys know who is paying the firm for what work — data that can be used, for example, to adjust marketing and business development strategies so that they reach the firm’s ideal client base.

To learn more about how LawPay Pro can help your firm get paid quickly and seamlessly, please visit